More than a textile bag!

You can’t do everything, but you can do something. That’s our motto and the reason why we founded Reused Remade: offering a sustainable, washable and durable textile bag made out of 100% reused hotel bed linen for the conscious consumer.

By choosing a textile bag from Reused Remade:

  • You contribute to resource efficiency by prolonging the life cycle of bed linen and reducing the need for new raw materials in the production process.
  • You decrease the need for natural resources – water, pesticides and petroleum products – used in the production of cotton and polyester textiles.
  • You decrease the need for new plastic bags.
  • You contribute to new, regional job opportunities as the bags are being produced in Europe close to the source of the material.
  • You are taking part in the expansion of the circular economy.

Our textile bag is suitable for carrying food, beverages, books, shoes, gifts or any other item you need to tote!

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