A skincare routine for a better future

A skincare routine for a better future

Get inspired by these amazing profiles: Caroline Borg; Julia Khouri; Emma Sundh; Gustav Broström; and Therese Zätterqvist. They all use our beauty accessories.  By changing their beauty practice in a small way, they contribute to a better future and a better skincare routine. Up to 64% of the textile products' environmental and climate impact is saved when reusing materials. The work environment in the sewing factory is also improved as reused hotel textiles have been washed countless times and become free of both chemicals and loose textile fibers.

Compared to newly produced textiles, our products contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions as it uses less water, chemicals, and land needed in production.

Caroline Borg

Julia Khouri


Emma Sundh

Gustav Broström

Therese Zätterqvist


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