Circular Design Processes and Circular Power to Education

Circular Design Processes and Circular Power to Education

This spring, Pia Walter, Co-founder and CFO of Reused Remade, talked to students at Nordiska Textilakademin, the Nordic Textile Academy. She emphasized the significance of adopting circular design processes in the textile and fashion industry. The academy's "Circular Design Processes" course focuses on key changes needed in production to meet global goals effectively.

Pia shared her experiences from leading a circular business in textiles, highlighting the challenges and successes encountered along the way. She emphasized how these processes are crucial for achieving sustainability goals worldwide.

In today's world, sustainability is essential for survival, not just a trendy term. We think the Circular Design Processes course pave the way for a more sustainable, fair, and resilient future for everyone.

We appreciate the ongoing collaboration with Nordiska Textil Akademin, NTA. Let’s reshape industry norms for the good of the planet and future generations.

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