Our beverage carry bags were born in 2017 with the design of a bag to meet the sustainability, durability and functionality that Systembolaget required. We then developed the Carry Bag Food, designed after a plastic bag, with the capability to handle the volume and weight of groceries. This model can be found at major supermarket chains such as ICA, Hemköp, Tempo, and Edeka.

The material is white. This allows our private label clients to design and communicate what they want through our products. Popular brands like Svenskt Tenn, NK, Aleris and even the City of Stockholm have taken advantage of this potential to utilize the product as a marketing and profiling tool.

Encouraged by our suppliers to explore new ideas, we have even begun making use of discarded terry cloth and created a new product line. We are proud to have clients like Exuviance, MM Skincare, Skinome and Emma S, all driven to make a change for good.

Awareness of the excessive use of plastic drives companies to look for alternative solutions to packaging and storage material. Smart design means packaging material can serve more than one purpose. This is something that clients Nespresso and Asthma Tuner have realized. Nespresso uses our textile bags to protect the enamel paint on coffee machines, which can then be used as a tote. We created a storage bag for Asthma Tuner that keeps the measuring device clean when stuffed into a handbag or coat pocket, for example.