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Reused Remade reusable bags versus waste

Waste is a huge issue, there is no doubt about that - hence why Reused Remade are working so hard every day to minimize waste. One of the ways in which we are trying to change our behavior and habits is that we create reusable products to swap out for the disposable and non environmental items we use today. 

Reused Remade tote bag classic with GOTS certified print

There are a lot of examples where people in today's society would use something that pollutes the environment instead of reusable, environmentally friendly, products. Our bags are perfect examples of reusable products that we want to see being used instead of plastic bags or new conventionally grown virgin cotton bags. The Shoulder bag original, Tote bag beach, Carry bag food and Tote bag classic all save 90% CO2-emissions in contrast to a virgin cotton bag. To put that into context - A regular cotton bag releases as much emissions as 23 Reused Remade bags do from one. If you were to compare that to an ecological cotton bag instead, that bag produces 65 times as much emissions as the Reused Remade one. As an example; if all of Sweden’s households (about 4,5 million) would choose to use a bag from Reused Remade to carry home food three times a week instead of with a biodegradable plastic bag - we would save up to 33 000 tonnes in greenhouse gas emission. Using the same example but comparing a Reused Remade bag to a regular plastic bag that number would go up to 39 000 tonnes.

Bedsheets and towels used to create recycled products

As a core part of our vision we use high quality hotel textiles that have already been used to prevent them from being thrown away. That is also why all of our products are unique - we don’t recycle the textile, we use them as they are. 

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