Makeup headband in white made out of hotel textiles

TikTok beauty session

Do like these awesome TikTok beauty junkies and swap your disposable beauty supplies for our reusable products made from upcycled hotel textiles. Their favorite item from the beauty collection is our headband. It’s perfect for face washing, makeup application or let your favorite facemask do its trick! After use, just put in the washing machine at 40 degrees, dry flat or tumble dry before using over and over again.

Celina Blanche med hårband

Celina Blanche showcasing our reuseable headband.

Johanna Johansson med hårband

Johanna Johansson with the headband in action.

Moa Jönsson med hårband


Jönsson using our reuseable beauty bag.

<Paulina Staniek med hårband

Paulina Staniek showing the headband up close.

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