White scrubbing mitten from Reused Remade being used

Why is it good to scrub your body?

You might have heard of exfoliation or body scrubbing before, you might even be one that occasionally goes through a routine including this method. But do you really know what the benefits are of using a scrubbing mitten to exfoliate? Let us walk you through it.

The main goal when scrubbing or exfoliating your body is to remove dead and dry skin in order to maintain or provide an even and smooth skin. Although there are non-physical exfoliants like toners, a physical one such as our scrub mitten will remove the dead skin in one go. After using the mitten, you will instantly feel a difference in your skin where it feels smooth and soft, giving off a bit of a glow even.

Woman using a white scrubbing mitten from Reused Remade

How often should you exfoliate?

Given that everybody is different, there is no “one size fits all” answer. It also depends on what you use to exfoliate. If you are using something mild, you could most likely use it during your skincare routine every night. Although even if you use a mild body scrub, it is beneficial to use a body scrub to really get rid of that dead skin about once a week. With that being said, if you are new to using a scrub mitten it might be wise to gently introduce your skin to it rather than jumping straight into exfoliating once a week. You should also be careful of exfoliating if your skin is broken, burnt or irritated because it generally only makes it worse - in that case, wait until your skin is back to normal.

How do you use a body scrub? 

In order to gain the most from your exfoliating whilst using our scrub mitten, read our easy 3 step guide below.

  1. First off you should get rid of all dirt, oils and debris from your skin. You should preferably use a gentle liquid soap such as the Botanist from Björk and Berries. This soap is rich and hydrating, containing nourishing ingredients to soothe and purify your skin.
  2. Now that you are clear of oils and dirt - it’s time to get scrubbing! Whilst under running water, pick up the scrub mitten and start gently scrubbing your arms, legs and torso using circular motions. This will also stimulate your blood circulation whilst giving you a fresh radiant skin.
  3. After scrubbing all wanted areas, dry yourself off with a clean towel (it’s important that it’s clean so that you do not risk irritating the skin). When dry or still a little damp, whichever you prefer, use a body lotion such as this one from Emma S., leaving the body feeling smooth and keeping it hydrated.

That’s it, a guide on why scrubbing your body is important and the best way to do it. Do you want to know more about our scrub mitten that’s made out of 100% reused hotel terry cloth? Then visit our webshop to find it and many other reusable beauty products.

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