Collaboration Info

Collaboration Info

Starting with Systembolaget in 2017, we designed a carrier bag called Carry bag Beverags that met their needs of sustainability, durability and function. Today you will find the bag in all of their 440 stores and online.

In 2018, we developed Carry bag Food. This one was inspired by the design of a plastic bag and has the ability to carry the volume and the weight of groceries. This model can be found at major supermarket chains such as ICA, Hemköp, Tempo, and Edeka.

The starting point is the material itself: it is a white sheet. This allows our private label clients to design and communicate while using our products. Many other brands such as Svenskt Tenn, NK, Aleris and Stockholms Stad use this format. Either they are a retailer or use our products for marketing or profiling purposes.

We furthered these possibilities when our suppliers asked us to look into the use of discarded terry. A new client segment was thus established in 2021 – the beauty and skin care industry.

Our clients, that include Exuviance, Neostrata, MM Skincare and Emma S, have a drive to make a change for the good of our planet. One way is choosing the most sustainable material – an already existing material.

Companies are also looking for alternative solutions for packaging and storage material. They are aware of the planet’s limited resources and the excessive use of plastic. By being smart with design, packaging material can serve multiple needs than one-off protection. This is something that our clients did: Nespresso made a textile bag as protection for their RELOVE coffee machines and Swedish company Medituner developed a smart and easy-to-use storage bag for their AsthmaTuner.